Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Faulty Sprinkler

A faulty sprinkler was leaking very slightly in this apartment. Without the tenants noticing the humidity behind the wall created a mold problem in their home. Noticing the water damage marks in the ceiling, they called one of the most trusted companies in water damage restoration, SERVPRO.

Mold In House

This home in the coral gables area suffered water damage throughout the structure. The closet in one of the bedrooms was one of the more seriously damaged places in the house.

Big Mold Job

This home in the Miami had become vacant for a few months and the owner smelled mold in the home. We were called in and found that there was mold all over the house.

Apartment in Downtown Miami Area

This job came in when the toilet in the bathroom had a leak in the water line. The apartment in Downtown Miami was affected not only in the bathroom but also in main parts of the living room.

Police Station Mold

The mold found in this Police headquarters was the result of a leak that was found in a pipe in the ceiling. We were called in once a smell was prominent in the office.

Bathroom Mold

The toilet here was removed due to a pipe bursting and flooding the bathroom. When we got called in mold had already started to form under the wooden floors and some parts of the kitchen.