Recent Before & After Photos

Water Damage in Bedroom

The best team prepared for whatever happens! Our staff is highly trained in property damage restoration. From initial and ongoing training at SERVPRO’s co... READ MORE

Water Damage in Office

This water damage happened in an office down in the Brickell area. The extent of the water damage took over the entire office spanning from one side to another.... READ MORE

Mold in a House

This mold was discovered when we went out to do a water job. The mold was discovered in one of the main places of water damage, behind the bathroom. We cleared ... READ MORE

Bio-hazard Cleanup

This sewage backup occurred in the Miami area overnight. The damage was found by one of the morning shift employees. The sewage overflowed the bathroom and carr... READ MORE

Storm Damage in Kansas

This is a storm damage we worked on as part of the disaster team at the beginning of 2018. It got so cold that the water pipes broke in the basement and flooded... READ MORE

Storm Damage in Tennessee

This storm happened in Tennessee where a lot of flooding took place. Many home like the one above were heavily impacted and needed immediate help. Being apart o... READ MORE

Storm Damage in New York

This storm damage in New York City was caused by Hurricane Sandy. Leaving lots of water damage in its place. We were on our way the day after the hurricane alre... READ MORE

Storm Damage in Virginia

A few years back there was a cold front that hit Virginia and caused damage to many homes. The pipes in the houses would freeze and rupture, causing extensive w... READ MORE

Water Damage in Residential Building

This water damage occurred in the offices of a commercial building in the Miami Beach area. One of the sprinkler pipes burst in the roof and leaked down the sid... READ MORE

Duct Cleaning

This duct cleaning within a commercial building took several days and covered many different floors. This job took a few weeks to complete. SERVPRO of Wynwood P... READ MORE